Playtime with my VR BOX

I acquired a VR BOX at the end of last year and just like the raspberry Pi and other little things it was already accumulating dust in some drawer. I thought I would take it out for some playtime. I am currently using a Lumia 930 so I headed over to the Windows Store and came across InMind VR. I found it to be a really cool demo of what can be done with VR headsets like VR BOX, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard and many others. According to the publishers this is what InMind VR has to offer:

InMind is a short adventure with arcade elements designed for the Windows Phone based VR. You are able to play with Cardboard viewer or without it (just tap and hold to switch modes). How to start video: This first demo allows the player to experience the journey into the patient’s brains in search of the neurons that cause mental disorder. Submerge into the microworld and experience the miracles of the human mind. The future is nigh. The humanity is standing upon the brink of a new era where modern healthcare makes tremendous scientific advancements. With the help of nanotechnologies a surgical prototype bathyscaphe allows its operator to shrink to a microlevel and travel inside the patient’s body. A unique experimental project made by Nival to test the opportunities of the new Virtual Reality provided by Oculus Rift and Windows Phone based virtual reality.

I was however not impressed with whats on the Windows Store in terms of Virtual Reality as InMind VR was really the only decent thing I could find. I headed over to the Google Play store on my old phone and there was plenty of cool things to see there.

Below are some pictures of the VR BOX I took.

Checkout this video review from vrreview about InMind VR, although an Oculus Rift was used in this video.

Welcome note

Hi guys

I have tried this blogging thing before and unfortunately I never put much time into it. In a way I blame Blogger for not making it so much fun, so lets see how WordPress will be for me. I decided to come back to blogging because I really appreciate how easy it is in my line of work to get updated about all things programming from the community through blogs. I thought I would give back and share a bit of what I know and what I will come by.

I will try to keep my posts short and sweet. Lets see how this journey goes. I’m confident I will be blogging (rambling) a lot this time.

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Your fellow programmer – Thulani Shingayi Chivandikwa