Update cloned repo with source

If like me you have a lot a cloned git repos but need to update them  with the original repo then this post is for you. With git it is very easy to do this. From within the clone run the following git commands:

git remote add upstream <original repo url>
git fetch upstream
git pull upstream <target branch, usually master>

Github gists

If like me you have been living under a rock and missed out on gists then this post is for you. To my surprise these gihub gists feature has been available since 2008. I was not aware of them until a colleague mentioned them to me.

Basically this feature offers a way to share/store small snippets of pretty much anything. It can be a code snippet, documentation, notes, resume or anything you like. You have the option of making the gist public, private or anonymous. The cool thing is a private gist is not like a private repo in that you can create as many private gists you want for free. However a gist itself is a lightweight repo that can be discovered by other people, forked, cloned and downloaded as a zip file. Gists also have a complete revision history like any other repo.

Interesting ? Read more about gists from the github documentation. Create a new gist here or discover gists here.