Random UE snippets (C++)

On this thread I am going to post a bunch of random Unreal Engine snippets I make use of
Make calls easier by redefining them

#define print(text) if (GEngine) GEngine->AddOnScreenDebugMessage(-1, 1.5, FColor::White,text)

Convert Fstring to std::string and vice-versa

std::string cppString = "Sample string";
FString ue4String(cppString.c_str());

FString ue4String2 = "Flowers";
std::string cppString2(TCHAR_TO_UTF8(*ue4String2));

Convert int/float to FString and vice-versa

FString ue4String = "123.021";
int32 intValue = FCString::Atoi(*ue4String);
float floatValue = FCString::Atof(*ue4String);

FString ue4String2 = FString::FromInt(intValue);
FString ue4String3 = FString::SanitizeFloat(intValue)

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